The Next Generation Foundation of Maine

P. O. Box 441​
Blue Hill, Maine 04614

In 2013 when we received $34 million from the founder's estate, after considering several options, we chose to give away all the money quickly and strategically.

In 2014 we awarded $30 million and in 2017 awarded what remained. We are overseeing the completion of a few grant projects.

We will no longer be awarding grants.

Please read before contacting us with questions.​

1. Grant awards will be in the range of one thousand to one million.

2. Yes, you can send in a Preliminary Application if you have applied before and also if you have been a previous recipient as long as the grant project is on track.

3. We do not comment on whether or not any given project aligns with our goals. We leave that decision to you.

4. We are sure there are many good ideas still on the drawing board. If your project is still in early development, that doesn't mean you shouldn't apply.​

Still have questions? email us at

​Please do not add us to any mailing or emailing list