P. O. Box 441​
Blue Hill, Maine 04614

In 2013 when we received $34 million from the founder's estate, after considering several options, we chose to give away all the money quickly and strategically.

In 2014 we awarded $30 million and in 2017 awarded what remained. We are overseeing the completion of a few grant projects.

We will no longer be awarding grants.

Reporting Guidelines – ​Please refer to the report clauses in your grant or endowment agreement

Capital and program grants: Show your original project budget when reporting financial status. Add a column for each year showing funds expended. Show other income to the funded project by source (grants, private donations, events, etc.).

Endowments: Show beginning and ending value for the latest one year period, earnings over that year, and what was done with those earnings.

If you have two types of grants (e.g., endowment & capital), ​please submit a report for each.

Mail your report between Nov. 1 and Nov. 15. One copy to our Blue Hill address and one to 1238 Algonquin Rd., Crownsville MD.PLEASE DO NOT ADD EITHER ADDRESS TO ANY MAILING LIST.

Your contact info: Please inform us of changes. If there's a new contact person, we ask for a letter sent USPS from that person to the effect that they have read the contract and agree to its terms.

Did someone from your organization attend a Maine Planned Giving conference? Report on what you've done and will do to enhance or institute a planned giving program, and any pledges or gifts received.

The Next Generation Foundation of Maine